How To Create A Budget That Saves Money


Is overspending and impulse purchases one of your biggest weaknesses? How about setting up a simple budgeting system to keep yourself accountable? 

Sometimes, Grandma’s methods to save money works best. In the past, people used to keep cash in envelopes to keep track of their spending. In today’s culture, however, the rise of credit card lifestyles and e-wallets have made counting cash a thing of the past.

The envelope method of saving money can actually be replicated today by using an Excel spreadsheet or Numbers software in Mac. If you will like more features or convenience, there are probably some good personal finance apps out there that help you track your income and spending.

Here’re some rules to follow when setting up the envelope system to track your personal spending:

Budgeting Every Income & Paycheck 

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How to Save Money Effectively

ways to save money effectively

No random tips, no frustration, and no cutbacks on your lifestyle. Just highly effective ways to save money here and now. Get insights and workable game plans on how to save your money today. 

Regardless of where you are at currently in life, you need to know that saving more money to improve your financial health is possible! If you are already putting some of the money saving guidelines below to work, good for you. If you are looking for ways to get started on a wealth accumulation mindset, this article will help you take that first step. Sometimes, taking this first step is painful, but I guarantee it will pay off in many joyful dividends in the near future.

Save Without Cutting Back On Your Lifestyle

While there are tons of good advice on how to be a secret cheapskate or penny pincher, a lot of them require you to cut back on your lifestyle.

Two extreme examples on the web:

  • Save Money by Flushing Less: weird-ways-save-money
  • Save Money by Avoiding Starbucks:

save money on starbucks

While the advice above are well-meaning, they are not good for you for two reasons:

1. Not Good for Your Well-Being. Not having that Starbucks coffee/espresso/latte in the morning may save you $4 a day, but denying yourself of that sweet treat or caffeine boost will cause you to feel stressed throughout the day. Most likely, you will need to rely on your inner willpower to overcome your urges and guilt.

2. Becoming like Scrooge. While penny-pinching may save you that few extra bucks, it may lead you to become increasingly consumed with money. In the long term, this can lead to effects such as developing a poor reputation among your friends and associates. After all, people are attracted to and like to hang out with generous people.

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